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Traffic in Murcia

Current traffic incidents recorded in the province of Murcia

Type / Level Trouble Location
Cones Traffic disrupted RM-F26
04:54 h - 24-03-2020
RM-F26 / EMBOLSAMIENTO / 04:54 h - 24-03-2020 OBSTÁCULO FIJO por EMBOLSAMIENTO con circulación interrumpida en : - La carretera RM-F26 a la altura de SAN JAVIER (MURCIA) desde el km 3 al km 7 sentido AMBOS SENTIDOS hacia AMBOS Advertencia: CORTE TOTAL (MURCIA)
Cones Traffic disrupted RM-701
19:44 h - 27-02-2020
RM-701 / METEOROLOGÍA ADVERSA / 19:44 h - 27-02-2020 OBSTÁCULO FIJO por METEOROLOGÍA ADVERSA con circulación interrumpida en : - La CARRETERA AUTONÓMICA RM-701 en el km 0.2 en LORCA (MURCIA) sentido AMBOS SENTIDOS Advertencia: CORTE TOTAL (MURCIA)
Works Circulation conditional RM-C5
09:33 h - 18-06-2020
RM-C5 / OBRAS / 09:33 h - 18-06-2020 OBRA / MANTENIMIENTO VIA por OBRAS con circulación condicionada en : - La CARRETERA LOCAL RM-C5 en el km 19.6 en ZARZADILLA DE TOTANA (MURCIA) sentido AMBOS SENTIDOS Advertencia: CORTE ALTERNATIVO DE CARRILES (MURCIA)
El tráfico
El Tráfico
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Traffic disruptedTraffic disrupted
Road closed. For incidents weather the road is impassable for any vehicle and there is risk of being immobilized on the road for long periods of time.
Hard flowHard flow
Movement very slow with frequent stops and prolonged (circulatory congestion. For weather incidences indicate that the roadway is completely covered with snow, the movement being possible only by using chains or special tires, with a maximum speed of 30 km / h. This situation occurs frequently in the mountain passes. It prohibits the movement of passenger vehicles, trucks and buses.
Regular circulationRegular circulation
Slow movement with occasional stops. For weather incidences indicate that the road begins to be covered with snow at this level prohibited the movement of trucks and articulated vehicles and moving cars and buses at a maximum speed of 60 km / h.
Circulation conditionalCirculation conditional
Circulation at moderate speed. For weather incidences indicate that circulation is not affected but should exercise extreme caution and recommended not to exceed the speed of 100km / h on motorways and expressways and 80 km / h on other roads. The trucks will move in the right lane and are prohibited from overtaking.
Normal circulationNormal circulation
Smooth movement. Normal weather conditions.
Fuentes: Dirección General de Trafico, Generalitat de Cataluña y Departamento de Interior del Gobierno Vasco

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